Each year the Governor’s family chooses a project meaningful to them for the betterment of our communities and asks all Kiwanis clubs in the District to help support this project in some way.  This year Dan and Barb have chosen to address the food insecurity problem faced by many children in Ohio.  Many children do not have reliable source of food at home.  They depend on school lunches and breakfast, which leaves them without food for the entire weekend.

There are several ways your club can get involved even if you cannot start a Weekend Food Pack program yourself. I will include a list, but feel free to come up with an idea that best fits your club.  Please reach out to your Service Leadership Programs.  This will add more hands and feet to complete the project and it will help strengthen the bonds with the Kiwanis family. Please report back how your club is helping meet this need in hours spent and amount of goods and money donated. 

Monetary donations are made to the Ohio Kiwanis Foundation for the First Family Project at the Governor’s official visit to Divisions and at other times throughout the year, these will gladly be accepted this year.  All proceeds received will be used to fund small grants back to Ohio Kiwanis clubs to assist them in building, supporting or expanding a Weekend Food Pack program.  

Your support of this project will help Ohio children with food insecurities to get much needed nutrition. Thank you for your support for Ohio’s neediest children. If you have questions please feel free to contact Barb Litzinger at 614-563-9711 or at blitzinger07@gmail.com.

First Lady Barb Litzinger


Click here to open a document that includes Project Ideas and a form to Report your Project to the Ohio District.