Ohio District Kiwanis

Club Billing Information


Roster Date                                        October 1st

Roster Deadline                               October 10th

Payment Deadline                          November 30th

The annual amount each club is billed per member is as follows:

International Dues $52.00
Magazine Subscription $  8.00
Liability Insurance (includes Directors & Officers Liability) $17.00
Ohio District Dues $26.00
Total billed per non-Life Member $103.00
Life Member Billed Amount $51.00


Please note that changes to the Billing Roster must be in the office at Kiwanis International by no later than October 10th. You will not need to file an actual roster. Kiwanis International will simply use your membership as of October 10th as the billing number.

Beginning October 1, 2013, the International New Member Enrollment Fee changed to a $50.00 flat fee throughout the entire year. The District New Member Enrollment Fee will remain graduated as per the following schedule:

Month Member Added: International Ohio District
October $50.00 $26.00
November $50.00 $24.00
December $50.00 $22.00
January $50.00 $20.00
February $50.00 $18.00
March $50.00 $16.00
April $50.00 $14.00
May $50.00 $12.00
June $50.00 $10.00
July $50.00 $8.00
August $50.00 $6.00
September $50.00 $4.00


Please note that these amounts do not apply to those members who had been granted Family Membership prior to when that Pilot Program was cancelled on October 1, 2017. If you need information about the dues payable to Family Members granted before that date, please call the district office at (614) 848-5000.